Wrongly Labeled (Wattys2016)

Wrongly Labeled (Wattys2016)

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angellover254 By angellover254 Updated Jul 13

Every year the most popular fraternity on campus: Alpha Sigma Phi host an auction. Since this tradition started back in the 90's, Alpha Sigma Phi has always managed to raise a hefty sum of money for charity. How you may ask?

Two words: Hot boys.

And this year, 4th year, Aaiden Airheart is being auctioned off as your personal "assistant" for one whole month. Sources says, the sky's the limit. In other words the unattainable, campus's heartthrob will do anything your heart desires. 

Starting bid? 100,000 dollars.

To an average person, 100k may be considered "too much" but to students who attends Elite University, 100k is child's play. So what happens when every single female in sight goes crazy and starts a bidding war with one another just to win the body of Aaiden Airheart? A war that's what.

So how in the world did I get dragged into the middle of this mess? Let alone win the auction?

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candyashes candyashes Apr 24
I love the cover of your book! It really stands out! Good chapter btw💗
Nature_Girl Nature_Girl Jun 23
This story sounds like it's going to be a really good one! I already love Aubrey. Goodbye rest of my day 👋🏼 I shall be reading this LOL
SilverCatMO SilverCatMO Nov 14
Wow...well...um...th-that's new.... Let's hope it's true what they say
And maybe I'll be nice and give you a gift *waggle eyebrows* I'll give you a hug and my food. And maybe *waggle body* absolutely nothing else *smirks and runs away*
Lol I just realized his last name...
                              Airheart!?!? Hahahaha!!!
                              More like airhead.....that's how I read it....
Yes I just hate owning billions and being able to buy everything and anything.