Gone When I Need You Most - A Joe Sugg Fan Fiction

Gone When I Need You Most - A Joe Sugg Fan Fiction

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Mia is best friends with youtuber, Joe Sugg. They have been best friends since they where 7. In school she got bullied for being best friends with a boy but she never let it get to her.

Now, she's moved to Brighton and lives near her other friends (also youtubers) Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Niomi Smart, Marcus Butler and others. She finds it hard living so far away from her best friend Joe who lives in London. She starts to fall for Joe but she can't have him, has a girlfriend.
As Joe and Mia have their ups an downs problems start to unravel and soon Mia finds herself wrapped up in love and hate. Suffering anxiety and eating disorder is not easy for Mia, she needs Joe to guide her through but will he always be there?

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gracieprattxo gracieprattxo Jun 06, 2016
My friend met him randomly in the streets on Saturday and I cried cause it's my dream to meet him and marry him lmao
zoeftbecky zoeftbecky Aug 13, 2016
Who else is crying because Jaspar aren't room mates anymore?
ItsRehAna1023 ItsRehAna1023 Aug 05, 2016
Who is that is the pic 4 the bookwith joe 
                              Is it mia😆😉😏😏
PanicAteTheDisco PanicAteTheDisco Jun 16, 2016
You guys are lucky to live in London, I live in Kansas, US. I have never seen snow! 😥
Pessimistic_Trash Pessimistic_Trash Jul 31, 2016
They are called curves, Embrace them. But yes, I do that every time I look in the mirror...
FanOfJoeSugg FanOfJoeSugg Jan 22, 2016
Hey London is not bad if u think London is busy and bustling then go to New York IT NEVER SLEEPS