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When An Accident Prone No One Runs Into A Celebrity There Will Be Chaos...

When An Accident Prone No One Runs Into A Celebrity There Will Be Chaos...

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littlemissmoonshoes By littlemissmoonshoes Completed

Isabelle Emerson's life is a bit of a disaster really, (and that's putting it lightly!) Her journalism career is going nowhere, she has just lost a job, she has an extremely disfunctional family, a non existant love life and things don't look to be changing. That's all until she runs into Ollie Daniels, yeah you heard right; Ollie Daniels the famous film star. But don't get too excited because Izzie soon finds out Ollie is not the dashing hero he appears to be on screen. In fact he's quite the opposite; he's arrogant, rude, self absorbed, cocky, infuriating and generally a complete pain. But Somehow Ollie and Izzie's lives become interlinked. From that moment on Izzie's life changes dramatically. The only problem is she can't work out if her life has changed for the worse or for better... -*-This was originally published on Quizilla but this version has been edited with a few things added in here and there-*-

Maaarissa Maaarissa Apr 03
I  trip on my feet randomly drop things and walk in to walls because I'm always reading because I have no friends 😞
nerdynessiskey nerdynessiskey Feb 21, 2016
Okay okay okay..... I'm so sorry but maybe you could shorten the title to maybe ( just a suggestion) There Will Be Chaos *hides behind a tall buffy guy* Don't kill me, just a suggestion....
Liv_bands Liv_bands Apr 04, 2016
Well I actually walked into a lamppost once and I fell over and this old couple laughed their asses off at me, I can't walk through doors properly I always got one of the side, I was carrying a bowl of cereal and I dropped it out of nowhere
__blackparade__ __blackparade__ Mar 08, 2016
This is like a documentary of how clumsy I am and its on point!
__blackparade__ __blackparade__ Mar 08, 2016
Poor girl👠👣👣☔☔☔☔⚡⚡☁☁🚌🚌🚌🚃🚃🚇🚇
applesauceonrainbows applesauceonrainbows Dec 28, 2014
I broke my arm like that.... (tripping and trying to catch myself)