The Educator (dark h.s)

The Educator (dark h.s)

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The last time he had left it up to the police, murderers walked free. The judicial system was completely messed up - they misstated facts, let suspects slip through their fingers, used community resolutions to deal with criminals, let law-breakers off etc. Someone had to take matters into their own hands, and Harry was more than willing to do so.

Unlike her parents, Gwen tried her hardest to steer clear of illegal activity. Even though her parents weren't exactly law-abiding individuals (as a matter of fact, they were far from it) she would stop at nothing to protect them from the brutal and grimly inventive games of The Educator. 

Even if it meant she might end up in one of the savagery traps.

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LondonLightsxo LondonLightsxo May 03, 2017
How could she be underage and live alone in her house? Without an income or without being taken in foster care
HarryStyles7686 HarryStyles7686 Mar 21, 2017
Way to be a gentleman harry...if you will keep doing this she won't fall for you idiot
TheHoodLolita TheHoodLolita Oct 14, 2016
I say I'm ready to die or kill my self everyday ....I need to stop😂
MidnightTomlinson MidnightTomlinson Dec 28, 2016
Id let my self die tbh. Getting my hands cut off is just too painful.
_muke5sos _muke5sos Feb 14, 2017
I haven't even finished the first paragraph and already like the book lmao