Crazy Sexy Cool : Big Bad Mafia Boy Series 1 #Wattys2014

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Athena_Heart By Athena_Heart Completed
The Italian mafia rules. For decades, the rules have remained the same. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. 
    His world was one of lust, lies and maybe love. Fearless and ruthless, Dean Bishop terrified her. Commanded. Wanting nothing but her. He will make her his. No matter the cost.
    Fiery, feisty and unforgettable, Elena Cruz is a sexy drug that Dean craves endlessly. 
    But in this world where money and power consume everyone, enemies abound. There is a price on her head. 
    Against all odds, Dean wants to protect her. Will he be able to, even as she continues to keep her distance from him? What would it take to change Elena's heart towards Dean? A red hot tale of desires rolls out the red carpet for you to enter...
I like this story no matter what their names are....Dean is a nice name by the way even if it's not an Italian name....
                                    Over react much. You're acting like we said this book is sh*t. But you've got to admit, it's not even an Italian name -.- you're so supposed to be an author, right? Lol.
I fkn hate it not being in first person. Just turns me off -.- but I'll try
That's what I thought (wait does this mean I'm part of a secret mob?????)
I want moneyyyyyyy powerrrrrrrr and gloryyyyyy lol sorry I couldn't help my self I love the story so far very intriguing
its too confusing for me,, to much name mentioned in just the first chapter without telling each and every ones role.. all I figured out is who is dean and Elena :3..