Little Sister (Harry Potter Fanfic)

Little Sister (Harry Potter Fanfic)

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Jahleesa Thornhill By Gummy_Fishy Updated Aug 11

True Fact-
Did you know, J.K. Rowling revealed that Lily Potter was pregnant with her second child when Voldemort killed her? Even worse, she had talked James into making peace with Severus and making him the godfather of the baby. But what if the child had already been born, nobody knowing apart from James, Lily, Severus and Dumbledore? What if the child had been sent away to an orphanage in America after its parents' death, not knowing of its true destiny and abilities?

Evangeline Potter is a twelve, almost thirteen-year-old girl with jade green eyes and fiery red hair raised in a high-classed all-girl's orphanage in Missouri. Evangeline is avoided because of the strange things that happen when she is near and is outcasted as a freak. But when a man with a snowy white beard and half-moon glasses appears to tell her of her past along with who she really is, her life is changed forever. 

Join Evangeline on her adventures with her brother as she encounters danger, friendship, love, fear and the woes of coming of age in the Wizarding World.

TedTheCob TedTheCob Nov 24
Okay everyone who is there favourite male amd female SHELDON AND PENNY ALL THE WAY
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft Jul 08
*Pulls out a shotgun*
                              THIS GUY IS A LIGIT STALKER, POTTER STAY BEHIND ME.
                              *Pushes the girl behind her and cocks the gun looking around*
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft Jul 08
Heh get ready for the shock HUNNY cause it'll hit you like a train.
Wow albus. She has no clue what's going on and you leave her on Petunia and Vernon's doorstep. Wow....
It's just the 1st chapter and I'm crying, why? Cuz Alan Rickman's dead!!!! *go's to the corner and cry eyeballs out*