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JJ ✨ By Drachoe_Mouthboy Updated Dec 10, 2017

It is a popular fan-made theory that Lily Potter was pregnant with her second child when Voldemort killed her. It is also said that she made peace with Severus, deeming him the godfather of her unborn baby. But what if these events where true? What if the child was born before the 31st night of October, 1981, no one else knowing apart from Severus and Dumbledore? 

What if the child had been sent away to an orphanage in America after James and Lily's deaths, not knowing of their true destiny and abilities?

Evangeline Potter is a thirteen, almost fourteen-year-old girl with fiery red hair to match her feisty personality. Raised in a Christian, all-girls orphanage in Missouri, Evangeline is avoided because of the strange things that happen whenever she is near, resulting in her outcasting as a 'freak'. But when a man with a snowy white beard and half-moon glasses appears to tell her of her past along with who she really is, her life is changed forever. 

Join Evangeline on her adventures with her brother as she encounters danger, friendship, love, fear and the woes of coming of age in the Wizarding World.

(WARNING: I started writing the Little Sister series when I was twelve years of age. Please, excuse all cringiness in the first few gets better as I (and the characters) mature)!

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ashbrownuenumberone ashbrownuenumberone Sep 25, 2017
REALLY ALBUS?! Of all the stupid things you've done...this is def the worst
MadiZReid MadiZReid Sep 26, 2017
That is exactly what Tom said, good old Voldy wasn't the only one having problems.
DemonDeanAndShisui DemonDeanAndShisui Dec 16, 2017
I’m close to being gone but I’m staying for the sake of the warnings
im_always_high im_always_high Nov 25, 2017
Same thoooo!.......
                              though I want to be German.... or Russian....
ashbrownuenumberone ashbrownuenumberone Sep 25, 2017
OMG I nearly burst out laughing when I remembered I'm the only one awake....😂😂😂😂😂😐😂 @MadiZReid
life_without_limits life_without_limits Jan 02, 2017