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~Falling For Your Spark~

~Falling For Your Spark~

78.2K Reads 4K Votes 30 Part Story
ᴴᴼᴸᴸᴱᴴ By Hollaugh Completed

▪Book is COMPLETE▪

Paige Lauren, is your average 18 year old girl who is a big ass fangirl of Transformers and not afraid to show it. Well she thought she was the average girl. Until one night she has a crazy dream that involved primes; To find out the next day, she had been taken to the Transformers Bayverse Dimension!.

 As she runs into Sam WitWicky, her life has become more complicated than ever before!.

Paige easily fits in the Autobot family, but after a big accident involving Decepticons. Her memory goes blank!. Making everything twice as complicated!. Especially when her new guardian is some-bot who she rarely socialized with.

What will happen when she slowly starts to fall for their spark?.


-Warning; Does Contain Foul Language and Violence. 

~This Book was never meant to be %100 serious with the plotline, but you guys seem to love it being crazy and everywhere anyways XD.

-All rightful Characters are owned by; Hasbro and Michael Bay. I only own; My OC/s and The the little Plot of this story.

-Extra Info: This Book is a standalone book, meaning; no sequels will be involved.


I got it from the shop down the road.where u get those shies from?i want them for my beef(boyfriend)
If you're calling ratchet Grandpa then you should call my mom ancient
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Dec 15, 2016
Ratchets younger than my mom by 8 years so he's not that old
Poor girl....ole hide will kill her Also if you see the "ambergalway" account here its my old one and its broken.....sooooooo I made this one!!!! Thought I'd let you all know so you don't think your seeing double haha
CougarMusic CougarMusic Jan 01
If this happened to me I would scream my head off, suddenly stop, then smile so big it hurts, and die on the floor out of amazement.