The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

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Ezra By jackofallfandoms Updated Jul 09, 2016

Attack on Titan Modern Day AU. ErenxLevi. 

Levi and Eren are both in a performing arts school. 

Levi plays multiple instruments, and majors in classical music. He is blunt, rude, and generally distances himself from others.

Eren wants to be a Broadway star, and has a natural charm and talent for singing and dancing. He is young, lively, determined, and passionate. 

Eren's personality hits Levi in a way that no one else was ever able to. But will he be able to get over his painful past and let Eren into his heart? 

Or is this a star crossed love, doomed from the start? 

You'll just have to read and see.

*chanting loudly* GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY!
Dunno why but this describes the way I establish rules, like jeez. Thinking about it, I'm pretty mean 😰😂😂😂
-inclined -inclined Mar 13
I think Levi borrowed some of that magical angry German energy
Shelby_Binz Shelby_Binz Oct 22, 2016
You said you wanted eye candy and you literally got eye candy get it because his eyes are beautiful— yeah I'll just leave now
MandaChrona MandaChrona Dec 03, 2016
Well you sure know how to make a first impression Levi. I'm amazed he hasn't shoved his foot up your ass...