The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

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Ezra By jackofallfandoms Updated Jul 09, 2016

Attack on Titan Modern Day AU. ErenxLevi. 

Levi and Eren are both in a performing arts school. 

Levi plays multiple instruments, and majors in classical music. He is blunt, rude, and generally distances himself from others.

Eren wants to be a Broadway star, and has a natural charm and talent for singing and dancing. He is young, lively, determined, and passionate. 

Eren's personality hits Levi in a way that no one else was ever able to. But will he be able to get over his painful past and let Eren into his heart? 

Or is this a star crossed love, doomed from the start? 

You'll just have to read and see.

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A tip: Chapters should be around 1,500 words long. Once you reach 1,000 words, start looking for a spot to end the chapter. ;)
Boi34567 Boi34567 Nov 09
Oh, so I’m this book, Mikasa and Levi are siblings? Makes sense. They do look related, and they’re both constantly pissed at the world.
KillingStalking69 KillingStalking69 4 days ago
The description of this story had some rhyming words there bud.
siriuslygeeky siriuslygeeky a day ago
So... what your saying is that... his balls are blue... blue balls... huehuehuehuehuehuehue
*chanting loudly* GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY!