The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

The Sound of You - Ereri - (Boyxboy)

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Ezra By jackofallfandoms Updated Jul 09

Attack on Titan Modern Day AU. ErenxLevi. 

Levi and Eren are both in a performing arts school. 

Levi plays multiple instruments, and majors in classical music. He is blunt, rude, and generally distances himself from others.

Eren wants to be a Broadway star, and has a natural charm and talent for singing and dancing. He is young, lively, determined, and passionate. 

Eren's personality hits Levi in a way that no one else was ever able to. But will he be able to get over his painful past and let Eren into his heart? 

Or is this a star crossed love, doomed from the start? 

You'll just have to read and see.

"balls" *burst out laughing*
                              1 hour later
                              *wipes tears from laughing* I'm so mature
Shelby_Binz Shelby_Binz Oct 22
You said you wanted eye candy and you literally got eye candy get it because his eyes are beautiful— yeah I'll just leave now
MandaChrona MandaChrona 7 days ago
Well you sure know how to make a first impression Levi. I'm amazed he hasn't shoved his foot up your ass...
Hello Tch., my name is Kitty, now if didnt notice, I and the other fellow fangirl/boy/humans, would really appreciate if you chilled out and just have some nice hot buttsecks with Eren there. It would really make our day/night. Thank you, be safe and have fun! *insert cheesy smile here*
Kattalee Kattalee Jan 05, 2015
Wait what. I did not see this. Thank you c: (you really didn't have to shout me out, there are better authors out there).
jackofallfandoms jackofallfandoms Nov 11, 2014
@Volume_Struck No problem, and thank you! I love your stories and I am literally so excited you saw this!  Thanks for commenting, this is so cool!! Keep up the great stories! :)