Away From My Lonely World [Homestuck x Reader] (Discontinued)

Away From My Lonely World [Homestuck x Reader] (Discontinued)

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Updated Jun 17, 2016


This story follows the tale of Reader-chan (You) in you life at Alternia High. You have been childhood friends with John since forever and he had finally convinced you to go to the same school with him. Although, there's more to that high school than you had originally planned for. 

Trigger Warnings #ooc #cursing #profanities #terrible writing #awkward situations

Can it be just a normal shirt with a quote do you like what you see?
Pokonopiku Pokonopiku Oct 22, 2016
I like to stab an apple with a metal straw and drink its juices.
Pokonopiku Pokonopiku Oct 22, 2016
I actually have a friend that wears a cat tail and cat ears to school every now and then.
_artisticAnxiety_ _artisticAnxiety_ Nov 06, 2016
Yo doods.. What if, Voldemort just busted through the door and yelled Avada Kedavra?
Cyrulean Cyrulean Jan 21
                              And DTK.
                              ANIME FO LIFE PEASANTS!
Cyrulean Cyrulean Jan 21
You see.
                              No sane person wears a top.
                              Anime character.
                              There must be a whole series.
                              Or I wear my Fandomstuck top.
                              My Levi cravat.
                              My Ciel eyepatch.
                              And a bracelet with various charms for OHSHC.