Too Far Gone (Urban)

Too Far Gone (Urban)

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⚡ Mani ⚡ By Frodacious Completed


What does it mean to be 'Too Far Gone'? It means 'too late to change'. 'No more hope'. Somebody has not only turned the power off, but they pulled the plug. However, for Chenelle Hampton, just because someone pulled the plug didn't mean it was all over for her.

After a period of mental and emotional distress, she decides that she no longer wants to sit on the sidelines and watch her life pass her by. As means of revamping herself, Chenelle powered herself on, overcoming the havoc and the mental and emotional misery that came with consorting with notorious criminals. Of saints and sinners, she chose the Third Street Saints. 

"It's an easy way to make money," they said, but she quickly realizes that she's into something far deeper than get-rich-quick schemes and a side hustle. Secrets about her family are buried and resurfacing to the light, and life as she knows it is changing right before her eyes.

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qveen_k19 qveen_k19 Apr 27
I can tell this finna be a good ass book . And it got the 3rd street saints???? FÛCKING BET SIS
janmwhite janmwhite Jun 02, 2016
                              This is a good concept I like it. I like how clear your voice is too and how you introduced the story. Really looking forward to the rest (fingers crossed there is a happy ending)
IsMeNadia IsMeNadia May 16, 2016
I liked it. It didn't seem too long or too short. It was the perfect length. I didn't see any mistakes in the prologue, but I do like the way you started it.
EisenMadchen EisenMadchen May 07, 2016
I thought this was really good :3 and unique. It's sort of like the begining of The Fault in Our Stars when she's says how she met him and this is the story. Keep going!
Dany1908 Dany1908 May 08, 2016
hm you have a good prologue here but feel is bit to much information for a prologue most they must be vague but guess more works for action/fantasy types books
kajree_gautom kajree_gautom May 06, 2016
This was a good prologue. I liked the voice of the MC, it had depth to it. But i think at the same time, you gave away too much alltogether. Like some facts could've been revealed later in the story. However, it's totally up to you. It was a fun read :)