The Bad Boy's Possession

The Bad Boy's Possession

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Kennedy doesn't like drama. She tries to stay away from it at all costs. She likes things simple and she doesn't like attention. Moving has a lot of negative things, but moving a month after school starts has even more. Kennedy doesn't think that it can go that bad. I mean the worst that can happen is getting interrogated in class by the teacher. She is horribly wrong, though. 

The worst that can happen is Hunter McCollum. 

The feared bad boy of the town. He has a reputation and not a very good one, may I add. He likes things to go his way and he gets everything he wants. He likes things to be his and only his. 
So when Hunter sees something he likes he doesn't hesitate to claim it. That is exactly what happens when he sees Kennedy. He claims her as his. 

The simple phrase, "Your mine," creates the drama that Kennedy is trying to escape. That simple phrase creates a journey for both of them. That simple phrase helps develop feelings that neither of them knew could be felt for each other.

Note: I am slowly editing this story so they are a lot of mistakes in it.

Cover was made by 123bubble89

KittensPaw KittensPaw Dec 23, 2016
My high school doesn't have "usual groups" everybody knows everybody and everybody hangs out with everybody
I moved to a new school for about a week and a half,then moved back to my old school😂So glad my moving days are over
KittensPaw KittensPaw Dec 23, 2016
My best friend have every single class together this semester
KittensPaw KittensPaw Dec 23, 2016
Not all of them, I've received quite a few nasty looks from old ladies when I was acting too teenage-like for them.
cherrytops101 cherrytops101 Dec 16, 2016
To be old and wise, first you have to be young and stupid - idk who said this bullsh*t
RachelBrooke9 RachelBrooke9 Feb 16, 2016
DUDE SERIOUSLY     This is my second time reading this book and I absolutely love it, this book is completely underrated , honestly I think you just need to Chang the name and some of the tags, add more tags , make it more accessible, make the cover different too ? Something more eye catching