Our Closeted Doors (boyxboy)

Our Closeted Doors (boyxboy)

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dontstarveyourself By romanceelf1234 Updated May 09

Out of all the men in the world, I choose to love him.

 I wished, and wished, and wished for my feelings to be lying to me, but nope. It's love. 

Love I can not shake. 

This would not be so difficult if he hasn't  been so confusing with the way he feels about me.

This would not be so difficult if he wasn't so damn sexy, 

if his voice wasn't a symphony to my ears! 

If he wasn't dating my sister! 

I wished, and wished, and wished...But my feelings for him are still the same and his feeling for me is...Well...

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I haven't read it yet... but now I'm gonna, so please continue
UnderWaterSWAG UnderWaterSWAG Aug 18, 2017
I really like this book and your doing a great job so could u please continue this book
Iheoma123 Iheoma123 Sep 05, 2017
Plz continue the book >< if it's ideas you want then i can help you
BTShip BTShip Aug 07, 2017
If you don't think you can continue it then don't do it, but if you need help to straighten out you plot and stuff write it down and if you still can't continue then it's fine if you discontinue the book, but I am supporting whatever happens!
YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Apr 24
I love this book. If you need ideas for what will happen next or a different storyline...u could dm me (: