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Nandi Taylor By Nandi_taylor Completed

Wishtesters are the lowest of the low, the most pitiful beggars and crooks living on the fringes of society. And Faruq is itching to become one.

Asking a wish of the Djinn, powerful beings who can grant almost anything the heart desires, is a privilege normally reserved for the exceedingly wealthy. But wishtesters may petition the Djinn without spending a single coin.

The price for wishtesters is far greater than simple gold.

**Best rank #143 in fantasy, #150 in adventure

  • ancient
  • arabia
  • arabian
  • boy
  • brave
  • desert
  • djinn
  • dystopia
  • dystopian
  • genie
  • king
  • magic
  • multicultural
  • mystery
  • mythology
  • no-romance
  • palace
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PaintingTheRosesRed PaintingTheRosesRed Jan 12, 2018
This is exactly the type of story I love to read, amazing cultural setting and incredible writing!
Lynae17_happytimes Lynae17_happytimes Apr 16, 2016
I prefer finished actually. In a lot of other books I read it always says something like skinned alive. This is a bit simpler.
paulalexgray paulalexgray Dec 13, 2015
What a vivid opening! I could hear, smell and almost taste the setting
JEHallows JEHallows Nov 18, 2015
A wonderful opening chapter! Very polished, smooth story-telling, and quirky characters :-)
JCKang JCKang Oct 30, 2015
Of course, my comments are my own opinion, so take them with a grain of salt.
                              Overall, I love your descriptive narrative and the premise is intriguing
JCKang JCKang Oct 30, 2015
I find that immeasurable wealth helps with winning the heart of the pretty girl :p