TARGET 45 [Sample]

TARGET 45 [Sample]

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faye By fayeaden Updated Oct 02, 2016

*This is only a sample. The full length novel is up as an e-book.*

   "Think of it as the witness protection program," he said. "Except you are not a witness and you could easily end up dead."   
    ▶  Nineteen year old Axe "Steelshot" Rayn is a ruthless and calculative professional assassin for the Guild, a group of trained killers operating under the disguise of a multi-billion dollar company. He is known for one characteristic and that is his ability to always get the job done.

That is until target 45.

For the first time in forever Axe finds himself unable to shoot his target. So he does the next best thing. He lies about her death to his boss, and kidnaps her to protect her, going through the lengths of changing her identity and starting her life over from scratch. All to keep her safe which isn't as easy as it sounds. Especially when his captive is stubborn, adamant about going home and Axe fears for his self control when he is around her.

     ▶ Thrown into a dangerous world of guns, lies, and death Ivy Thorn cannot for the life of her begin to understand, why she had gotten herself kidnapped by a boy who could be the very reason she takes her last breath or the reason that she finally starts to breathe.

zigzarry zigzarry Jan 05
omg i KNEW i had read some parts of this story before!!  but judging from previous comments it's clear you had taken it down and i also see why.  i just wish i had the money because this book really does look so good uGhHXJZJXKCK
cattis97 cattis97 Nov 17, 2016
@RonjaVaker  vafan den var ju bra men man är tvungen att köpa den...
Two_Worlds_Apart Two_Worlds_Apart Aug 25, 2016
I REMEMBER THIS BOOK NOW!! OKAY IM HERE I UNDERSTAND. I was wondering why it was so familiar because it wasn't in my library lmao. When I got the notif I was so confused like "what is this" now I remember okay I'm good 🙌🏽 please tell me I'm not the only one who's like this 😂
ravenabdi13 ravenabdi13 Aug 29, 2016
@aggressively I'm a little confused so can I still read it on Wattpad if I can't order it ?
SleepyScruffballz SleepyScruffballz Sep 14, 2016
i will vote and do shoutouts for this book gosh i would do anything, this is literally the reason i kept my wattpad account (sorry im like going overboard) but you made my day, gosh how i was going through the shittiest day (sorry for my language)
Marijaxxx Marijaxxx Sep 25, 2016
Ughh hate online books, i will just wait for the physical version.