His Vampire Mate

His Vampire Mate

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natygarcia_327 By natygarcia_327 Updated Feb 05, 2018

Neveah is a vampire that run away from her clan with her brother Cameron. She runs for her life now that she left. Her father and his guards are hunting Cameron and Neveah as if they were criminals meant to be put to justice. 50 years has past since they left their home, and there is no going back.

Moving into yet another new town to call home, Neveah and Cameron have a new obstacle to go through. Werewolves. 

Kristin is the Alpha of the Bright Dawn Pack. Vampires have crossed his territory, and he will have them out as soon as he can. When Neveah and Cameron start the run yet again after having an encounter with their father, Kristen and Neveah meet. 

Kristin had never thought he would be paired with a bloodsucker, but he ends up taking a liking to Neveah anyway.

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