Coffee with George (Up For Watty Awards)

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Hey Ho Mairead By UnionJFanFics Completed
"Congratulations, you have won tickets to see one the X-Factor 2012 Auditions!" I screamed and punched the air in delight. Finaly a day off! But who knew those simple words would change my life forever?
    Im Charlotte, or Charley as most call me. Im that normal teenage girl who spends most of her time working in an old coffee shop in London. The day I saw the auditions, was also the day George Shelley first auditioned. During his performance, it seemed like we...had a conncection. Before he went off the stage, he winked at me. I thought I would never see him again, but no. A month or two afterwards, George was put in the band Triple J to make Union J. One day they appear at the Coffee shop and George asks me to sit with him. Trouble is, I've got a boyfriend. As the band gets bigger, so does our friendship. But could it turn into something else? Or would everyone just end up heart-broken? TRAILER -
.......... I'm sorry for being such a no lifer *hides behind table* but I have no clue who Union J is!! *ducks to avoid thrown pan* *doges throwing stars* sorrysorrysorry!!!! But I do have to say, this right here is good writing.
omg. Ive just starting to read and i am on the second page and its amazing. plz write more like this but can u do the rest of the union j boys (jj, josh and jaymi) thanks
Hey just finished reading this it's great! Write more, and please start reading mine! X
Please request an imagine on my union j/one direction imagine book :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx because I'm bored hahaha
Please request an imagine on my union j/one direction imagine book :) x
This is my first Union J fan fic. The book cover...... the picture of George...... I just.. ughh... never mind ..