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Rini By Able48 Updated Oct 08

My first hikaru x reader was sadly deleted!! DX So please bare with me also it might be a little different than the first one ^^

I'm sorry if the characters seem ooc xc 
I'm trying to keep them has much as the characters are to the Manga and anime 🙏🏻

The story might be change and fix to get the characters seem like themselves again!

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sweetiegrl sweetiegrl Feb 06, 2016
I would've probably killed that bitch if I had the chance XD
Animereadvideogames Animereadvideogames Apr 09, 2016
Instead of jeans I'm going to where a skirt with flats, but I don't think anyone cares...
Atakilok Atakilok Oct 16, 2016
                              I felt the pain me ;-; but mine is mentally not physically XD
                              *yells at friends* BOYS AND umm GIRL! TIME TO ****************** HIM!!!!!
SheWh0Was SheWh0Was Aug 21, 2016
Hehehe best idea ever for the bitch's name is the girl you hat the most 😂😂
Miachan910 Miachan910 Jun 04, 2016
Can't that kill you?? Getting stabbed in the head like that??
Atakilok Atakilok Oct 16, 2016
Honey-senpai! Mori-senpai! Time to beat the crap out of those *******!