The Optimist

The Optimist

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"Stay positive."

"Just smile."

"Don't worry."

Do these words sound familiar? 

Well if you attend Sun Hills High School, they probably are, for these are a few phrases from optimist Jacob Perez, SHHS's most popular student that everyone relies on for the best advice. With his charm and charisma, Jacob's antics never fail to impress.

However, one girl happens snag Jacob's attention. With her head down in a different book every day, Jacob notices the distance she keeps from the other students. To him, she's unhappy and of course Jacob doesn't let that slip past him. However, what Jacob fails to realize is that, to her, it's absolute paradise being by herself and away from the drama.

Can Jacob, just maybe, get a smile out of her?

[Please be aware that I wrote this when I was 13! This story was officially completed in December.]

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People ask me this question every day at school I swear 😒. Maybe because people annoy me, guys are jerks, and high school is full of wannabes
amoursiaaa amoursiaaa May 23
everything in my school is nasty. except for the pasta, salad, nachos, mozzarella sticks
Just like how you wanna listen to music & block the world out but it don't happen 😏
TheClockMagician TheClockMagician Aug 29, 2015
Sometimes people that are always optimists get on my nerves. I'm not a moody person, but Jakob maybe isn't a realist and I hate that at people
J-W-T-T J-W-T-T Jul 13, 2015
cantankerous and did I not hear these words before?
theonlyserene theonlyserene Apr 03, 2015
Great story love it and mostly words can't explain what I think of Nadia she is very funny and down on earth and more words . Same with Jacob I can't really explain him but I love love how the act reminds of a movie I wacthed