cocky. beautiful. bastard. (kylo ren x reader)

cocky. beautiful. bastard. (kylo ren x reader)

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Kass By kassanovella Updated Nov 29, 2020

Originally uploaded onto my Kylo Ren x Reader One-Shots Compilation, this now a Work-In-Progress!

You'd worked in brothels before where a face-to-face was required, but you preferred this. It was easier to be a hole, easier to exist while strangers buried themselves balls-deep without pretend concern. You expected nothing more from them. And they expected nothing more from you.

But this client's audacity shuddered you. You hadn't been nervous in years.

Cover art by @DarthTimbs. 

AO3 Tags:
Sensory Deprivation
Forced Orgasm
Orgasm Delay/Denial
Sex Work
Glory Hole
An Egregious Amount of the Mandalorian Language
Kylo Ren Speaks Multiple Languages
Reader is a brat
Size Kink
Dom!Kylo Ren
Dirty Talk
Verbal Humiliation
Oral Sex
Kylo Ren Has Big Sexy Hands
And a Big Sexy Dick
Inappropriate Use of the Force
Cum Eating