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The Emotional Laceration of an American Girl.

The Emotional Laceration of an American Girl.

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angelheaven101 By angelheaven101 Completed

This is my story. My name is Lalita and I must warn you before hand that this story is not for the weak at heart. This is not a story for those who are sensitive, defensive, and/or criticizers. Don’t tell me this could never happen because there might be someone like me around you. Don’t tell me what I should have done. What could you have done differently? Don’t pity me. Pity gets you nowhere. I just want you to see me. Please see me and my story. If this makes you cry, I’m sorry. I would never want to inflict the pain that others have inflicted on me but you have been warned. This is my story and it isn’t a happily ever after…

zozosl zozosl Mar 31, 2016
Awesome book. Loved it. I love emotional books and movies and this one hit the spot
solarphan solarphan Feb 04, 2015
Sooo...yeah. Read this story...what? Two years ago? Maybe 3? Well, first story I ever read on Wattpad. Truly amazing. Cried so much. Choppy sentences. Oops. :)
AlinaMay96 AlinaMay96 Mar 29, 2012
i was surprised that i didn't cry while reading this story. i have a friend that went through something a little like this and i couldn't help think back to it when i was reading this story. its a good story though
angelheaven101 angelheaven101 Dec 20, 2010
@ultimatechic oh it's ok. That's why I put that warning as a discription. :) I hope you check out my other stories though! 
marabelli marabelli Dec 08, 2010
these  kind of stories always make me feel sad. sorry but im not gonna read it.
angelheaven101 angelheaven101 Nov 21, 2010
@DearAgony thanks for that! Yeah I stopped writing it in screen play mode as I (some what) improved. But no her mother didn't care about her. That's why she left without looking back or anything like that. 
                              But as I said before thanks so much for the long, constructive comment!