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  ❝That girl defied an Alpha.❞
  ❝I'd like to see her try to defy me.❞
            The mountainous peaks of Alaska hide secrets blanketed by snow. In the town of Armour Heights, it is no different.

            On the dawn of her eighteenth birthday, Tia discovers her pack poisoned and deceased. Uncovering a clue hidden deep within her mind, Tia begins to follow a trail of blood, deceit, and lies. With unwanted attention from the Beta of the Claw Pack, and her every move watched by a curious Alpha, the mystery becomes harder and harder to solve. 

            But the secrets of Tia's origins are resurfacing. After all, what's a Mexican werewolf doing in the North? 


  [ The absolutely gorgeous cover was made by @nightgate ]
  [ updates every 2-3 days ]
  [ Being rewritten ]
  [ #43 in werewolf ]

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@supernovass how do you make these and I love ur book so far
About time someone wrote a nook where they choose their own mates
Great imagery, though perhaps the semi-colon should be a comma?
Si genial, ahora pregunta, El inglés que me enseñaron funcionara?
Also that she isn’t a damsel in distress and knows how to protect herself
Highly recommend, bowling for soup, there top songs are, 1985, high school never ends, punk rock 101