A special girl with a special gift (Jack Frost x Reader)

A special girl with a special gift (Jack Frost x Reader)

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A special girl with a special gift. (Reader X Jack Frost)CHAPTER 1

note: (n/f)= name father "..." = talking '...' =thinking

         (f/n)= front name

         (f/c)= favourite colour

         (e/c)=eye colour


"(n/f)!" Your mother screamed.  "(n/f)! She is coming!"

"Now?!" Your father answered "In the car! We're going to the hospital!"

He helped your mother in the car and drove with full speed to the hospital. On the way almost hitting an old lady who was crossing the road.

Once they were on the parking lot he quickly found a spot and parked.

~~ time skip ~~

Your mother was now lying on the bed with a baby in her arms.

It had been 2 hours but  there you were. (Yeah you are born)

You were  so small and so pure, you were beautiful. Your father walked into the room. 

The past 2 hours he had been standing in the hallway outside the room, hearing your mother scream and curse.

The nurses...

KCS1305 KCS1305 Nov 12
I'm sorry but this is actually kewl. Ik author-chan said 'born in summer' but I'm actually born in January and that's winter so yeah I feel like I'm 25 now😂😂
Snowing in my sunny life....
                              Oh how I wish for it to come true.
Wtf!? I'm the only one with October and I'm in the hottest part of Arizona! Htf is it snowing?! XD
In October?! I wish. Though, that will never happen because I am in Tennessee and it is onLY HOT AND CHILLY!!!!
Waiting rooms were designed to torture the husbands at times like these.
Well, there's the answer to that question. *looks down at Sophie*
                              How do you move them? Is there a command? Some non-stick spray? Crow bar?