HEAT      •jb•

HEAT •jb•

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Charlotte Forster is happy living her life in Dubai. Skyscrapers that reach the clouds, fast large cars and shopping malls that went on for miles had become her love.
That was before Justin Bieber exploded into her life with all his money, fame and fans completely changing everything.

[will contain strong language and sexual references throughout]
[Book 1 of the Heat series ❤️]
[bomb asf cover made by bieberella]

I want friends to go with me and try cloths we can't afford.
I hate when someone in general says "I've been telling you for the past" blank days me knowing damn well they didn't or vice versa
AY THATS WHERE I LIVE soooooo can i meet up with her parents or nah
hotcheetosss hotcheetosss Nov 15, 2015
Okay bîtch he's your little brother and better take care of him and give him some love. You're already pissing me off with your attitude with your brother