Slut and the Slut Dresser (Book Three)

Slut and the Slut Dresser (Book Three)

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-| this was their fairy tale ending |-

"Remember when I used to call you Slut Dresser?"

"Yeah... I remember."

"We should name him Slut Dresser."

"We aren't naming our son Slut Dresser."

"Why not?"

"Because that's just begging for kids to pick on him in school. We might as well call him Slut."

"It isn't that bad...."

Book Three in the Shiver Series. You'll be a little confused if you haven't read the first two... 

Book One: Shiver

Book Two: Burning Up

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Your books have me so hooked that I read the first two books of this series in a day!! Like dang your books are amazing!! 🙈
MissMal01 MissMal01 Feb 25, 2015
oh woah there Heartache On The Big Screen just popped in my head that's weird
uniquelyblueeyes uniquelyblueeyes Dec 12, 2014
omfg...  i leave wattpaf for a bit and omfg BOOK THREE.  NO WHY.  UGH I UGH I DIDN'T NEED TO FIND OUT THIS WAY.  excuse me while i read the rest of burning up
Fanficaddict2 Fanficaddict2 Dec 08, 2014
I've read the first two in one day and I'll probably finish this one and catch up on the 4th book Bc I have no life.
kirstielovebands kirstielovebands Oct 05, 2014
I'm so fucking excited for this. I can't wait to read it!! Omg. Omg. Omg. I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! *spongebob voice* ♥️
dsc_gwl dsc_gwl Oct 05, 2014
aaaaaaandd...let the book begin! #ReallyF*ckingExcitedForThis