lestrange | harry potter

lestrange | harry potter

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The concept of good and evil was something Arista deemed old. 

She'd spent her life growing up with those who people called 'good,' even though she came from what people called 'evil'. 

But she's seen both light and dark from either side. In stories, in her time spent, she'd been exposed to everything. 

So how was anyone determined for either side?

Was it their choice? Or was it the choice that the 'Good People' had decided for them with little knowledge on them? And why were they shielded from judgement?

Why were their wrongs looked over?

If that were the case, then why did so many people see her as different things? Arista was simply a girl trapped between to conflicting sides, but both needed the other or survive, so why did she need to choose? 

It wasn't like her wrongs were overlooked, but the good-doings were. At least, they were by the people who knew her family. 

The people who knew her weakness. 

[goblet of fire - order of the phoenix]

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