Haikyuu x Readers (One-Shots)

Haikyuu x Readers (One-Shots)

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ジン♤ By SoDarnFabulous Updated Dec 13, 2016


Written by Haruichi Furudate
Published by Shueisha

Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka
Written by Taku Kishimoto
Studio: Production I.G


Crows, Cats, Owls, Farms, Iron, Maths and the Beauties I swear. Just yes. 

Cover: [c] to respective artists
Cover edits & stories: [c] me pls-

**Please respect that the storylines are mine and most of them are quite personal. I don't think I would feel happy if someone took the storyline or anything cus I might snap **

Cringeweeb Cringeweeb Oct 31, 2016
                              ZUTTO MAE KARA SUKI DESHITA!!!
                              okay that was cringe-y im sorry
ThatDorkyTrash ThatDorkyTrash Dec 16, 2016
Wait, he visited? But it's his first time at a girl's house??? Was reader not a female before lol
Cringeweeb Cringeweeb Oct 29, 2016
Eyy that's the name of my stuffed toy turtle, Tobi! Glad someone knows him. :')
Shittykawaa Shittykawaa Oct 17, 2016
Why- I'm so confused. Yeah I'm a crybaby. But I don't cry for shît like this.
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep Dec 17, 2016
Wait, so, he was taking forever to get a drink..
                              Then he walked away,
                              And I teared up
                              Because he was unable to get his drink faster?
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep Dec 17, 2016
Wait wait, 
                              This all happened because of waiting for a drink?
                              If I walked up to him because he was taking so long to get a drink I would've whacked him with my notebook and tell him to go faster then jump on his back and wait
                              Happened to quickly