Our Little Nerd

Our Little Nerd

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PanasPeterPan By PanasPeterPan Updated Oct 13

Nick is the leader of his gang. One day another gang moves to town, a bigger and more respected one.

Sophie has always been the nerd in school. The one that no one notices. This time she's noticed by the popular ones and she actually gets a few girl friends.

What happens when one of the biggest gangs decided to show up? When Nick gets to know Sophie, who he knows by the name Isabella?

Read to find out.

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Bro, you just said “ Puh-lease “ and you’re calling her pathetic
qv33nwriter qv33nwriter Jun 23
That's not a gang, that's a group of friends. Stop tryna be bad and sit y'all selves down.
KinleyCakes KinleyCakes Apr 25, 2017
As I was reading this "Say you won't let go" by James Arthur started playing oml
Nzingap Nzingap Mar 13, 2017
I'm sorry I like the concept but like that's is too small to qualify as a gang
fanfic_fanatic_kat fanfic_fanatic_kat Mar 31, 2016
Why do I feel like I am practically Sophie already
                              1) have the same shirt
                              2) have same type of glasses, in brown, 
                              3) have long dark hair, always put it into a messy bun
                              4) I am a huge nerd, love math, science video games, writing and reading
breoniibadish breoniibadish Apr 10, 2016
i love math and science i have always wanted thick rimed glasses and braces