The Queen of Dragons and Stars

The Queen of Dragons and Stars

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erza_lucy_fairytail By erza_lucy_fairytail Updated Feb 24, 2016

lisanna came back from the dead and everyone started to ignore lucy 

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Demiii236 Demiii236 Jul 17
Omg lasagna! *Checks expiration date* yep as I thought *throws in bin and wipes hand*
                              Anyone else want food...?
Lisanna to Natsu: Maybe one day I can be your real wife 😁
                              Me: Hell no you little NaLu ruiner 😁
No, sorry. Not appreciating the story very much. I mean comments
Please just fix it. There's grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation mistakes, which makes the story difficult to read.
I read the description and to all the Lisanna defenders, THIS IS WHY WE HATE HER.
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Sep 11
Lol. 131 comments about this. People should have guessed it.