Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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Demons_of_Hell By Demons_of_Hell Updated Aug 03, 2016

So I am not a good writer at all but I decided to give this a try. So I will do requests. I will be doing Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley, Balthazar,Gabriel,Garth,Bobby,Charlie, etc. (Can't think of any one else at the moment). For the features will be: 

(Y/N)- Your name

(E/C)- Eye color

(H/C)- Hair color

(F/C)- favorite color

(F/S)- favorite show

(F/B)- Favorite band

BTW no smut, I'm not going to do any smut. I will do preferences from time to time. So I hope you enjoy! Love you! xoxo


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DarkGamerGirl DarkGamerGirl Apr 21, 2016
Hell naw Dean would've been up my ass so hard,I won't have one
Bugsgocracra02 Bugsgocracra02 Nov 08, 2015
First of all WHAT!!!! Second of all, EWWWW I FIND MY DAD HOT EWWW
Emmkatt Emmkatt Apr 07, 2015
Can you do more ones where you are related to Sam and dean? It was really good! :-)
- - Mar 15, 2015
I have a request if you don't mind... something with Charlie and an anniversary or something.
- - Oct 20, 2014
I have a request! Deanxreader 
                              Me and dean are sitting on a dock or something like that and something pulls me under the water, (leaving scratches on all of my limbs) and dean pulls me out and saves me and stuff. :) thx!