Im Back Bitches (Completed)

Im Back Bitches (Completed)

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Ryann Stallard By ryann13 Completed

Rosaline was the punching bag of the pack. nobody knew she had shifted, so they all thought she was human but she was far from it. She was a very rare wolf. She was a white wolf, there was very few left in existence. 

Dustin was the soon to be alpha. he was still looking for his mate, so he could fully be alpha of the moon shine pack. he is a player. he can have any girl he wants in a heart beat.

what happens when Dustin finds out that rosaline is his mate? He does the first thing that pops into his head. he rejects her. Rosaline is left heartbroken. so she does the first thing she can think of. She runs, leaves everything she ever had. which wasn't much and runs.

what happens when she has to return on a mission? Will Dustin want her back? Will she take Dustin back? or will she keep up her walls? 
read to find out what happens to Rosaline and Dustin.

kittie-kat- kittie-kat- Jun 12
My eyes are just chocolate brown with grey specks. You're so lucky.
I have blue, green eyes and they change depending on my emotion thats why I always where sunglasses to school when the like it's winter
Think it's funny how everyone snapping already and the book haven't even really started yet LOL😂
I want Rosa to be someone else lol I'm sorry I'm gonna imagine as someone else, I do that sometimes
I have brown eyes and they go dark and light brown depending on my mood