Naruto takes off his invisible mask!

Naruto takes off his invisible mask!

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yuukicross63 By yuukicross63 Updated Aug 24, 2016

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto! But sadly I don't. And I hope You Naruto fans  will Love Naruto Forever!

Summary: Naruto, Konoha's number one brat causes trouble everyday, when he does a prank only to lead to more mischief. But what if those mischief was all part of this mask. Can the village accept the shock of this new Naruto?

Author: this is my very first fanfic and I don't really expect to have anyone read it, I'm just doing this to pass time (Maybe, I hope). My writing might not be as good as everyone but I hope I can get reviews. After each chappie I might get better at writing. So arigatou mina~

Note: this is before Sasuke leaves the village.



The sun shone brightly against a small whiskered kid as he was being chased by people. The sounds of a certain name always excites kid to see what's happening.

"NARUTO!!!" screamed a bunch of half-naked women. "Gomen~" He grinned wide enough for them to see.

He was used to this kind of life, yet no one really knew him...

Hide it with concealer! Sorry, that just popped into my mind and I'm not used to makeup 😂😅
Why are they confusing sasgay for naruto they look totally different
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