Naruto takes off his invisible mask!

Naruto takes off his invisible mask!

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Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto! But sadly I don't. And I hope You Naruto fans  will Love Naruto Forever!

Summary: Naruto, Konoha's number one brat causes trouble everyday, when he does a prank only to lead to more mischief. But what if those mischief was all part of this mask. Can the village accept the shock of this new Naruto?

Author: this is my very first fanfic and I don't really expect to have anyone read it, I'm just doing this to pass time (Maybe, I hope). My writing might not be as good as everyone but I hope I can get reviews. After each chappie I might get better at writing. So arigatou mina~

Note: this is before Sasuke leaves the village.



The sun shone brightly against a small whiskered kid as he was being chased by people. The sounds of a certain name always excites kid to see what's happening.

"NARUTO!!!" screamed a bunch of half-naked women. "Gomen~" He grinned wide enough for them to see.

He was used to this kind of life, yet no one really knew him...

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9.04K -_- "I don't expect to have anyone read it" WELL THERE YOU GO
That's to much Naruto. Even if he did, I wouldn't say that. It's just to rude....
Kurama no kyuubi no kitsune no yoko=
                              Kurama the nine-tailed(kyuubi) fox(kitsune) or demon fox(yoko)
Literally all of these comments are about how it relates to sasuke, Sas-UKE, or sas-gay... and I am no exception now... oh well!
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Wait what.
                              Did he say something?
                              I DONT SEE ANY POTTYMOUTH WORDS