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" Grab your glocks when you see 2Pac

Call the cops when  you see 2Pac 

Who shot me but you punks didn't finish now you bout to feel the wrath of a menace 

Nigga I hit em up"

Blasting Tupac, I stroll through the block searching for my prey. Finally spotting the person I was looking for, i slowly pull to the side of him.

i roll down my window " you got my money? " 

he scratched the back of his head "Look, I ain't got it but- " i put a bullet straight through his head, niggas must've thought I was playing when I said not to fuck with my money. 

Fuck I look like playing games?


Kristean was known as the quiet girl in school, dudes wanted to fuck with her, and females couldn't stand her. She could give two fucks though, she was worried about one thing an one thing only. And that was to be just like her ruthless father. 

As she got older, she became like her father, if anything she was worse. She had spent her first years of adult hood becoming the most dangerous female of LA, hustling and catching bodies all on her own. 

Kristean learned there's no love for or from anyone when it came to getting what she wants. If she had to be grimy, she'd do that, if it meant going toe to toe with her father - then she'd do just that. No one was stoping Kristean Sykes. 

But, with a group of nagging friends she grew up with - shit gets rocky. Distractions and drama come in between her and her hustle. That being a crazy father, ghostly mother, a sneaky ex girlfriend, an obsessed delusional crip, and potential baby daddy. 


watch me grow



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LoveSongAddison LoveSongAddison Feb 17, 2015
that bebe is something else, and that girlfriend needs to be medicated lol
LoveSongAddison LoveSongAddison Feb 17, 2015
love the into description cant wait to c this story unfold, sounds so promising!!!
- - Dec 21, 2014
Out of all the books I've read on here your description pulled me in the most I loved it