Fifty Shades Of Andley

Fifty Shades Of Andley

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Ashley (Purdy) By Thatawkwardfan Updated May 08, 2016

Ashley and Andy have liked each other for a while, and when Andy and Juliet suddenly split it gives them the perfect opportunity to get together. But will Ashley still want it when Andy shows him what he keeps in his basement? 

*WARNING* This story will involve swearing, and a fuck ton of kinky sex.

Happy shipping! 


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Why do you have to make Juliet the. Bad guy she's a really nice person I've met her and we had an hour long conversation
-chickenwang -chickenwang Nov 22, 2016
Oh well a imagine as I'm pacing the pews of the church corridor
TheStageIsHome TheStageIsHome Jul 17, 2016
Im going to have to stick a tampon up my nostrils to stop a upcoming nose bleed.
ANDLEY IS REAL!!! OK THEY ARE JUST HIDING IT!!! And I may have a addiction to fanfic. But I swear I'm not going to try to get better.
5sosOneDirection9905 5sosOneDirection9905 Jul 08, 2016
Is it just me or did anyone else say oh god yes in their head