The Golden Freddy

The Golden Freddy

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Cole Goodrich By Cole_Goodrich Completed


Mike Schmidt has healed from his devastating injury at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Now that he is off bed rest, he is now on a quest to free the spirit of a child still trapped in one more animatronic suit: The Golden Freddy. 

When a seemingly simple task takes Mike on a journey across the country, as well as his own mind, he realizes that maybe there's more to that cursed pizzeria than he thought...

In the sequel to Cole Goodrich's thrilling adaptation of the PC horror game "Five Nights at Freddy's", the author brings back the thrill and suspense for the second time! 

Five Nights at Freddy's is owned by Scott Cawthon. This story is a work of fiction based on the PC game.

Aight...when that clock strikes 12.....don't say I didn't warn you
Foxypirate1987 im pretty sure he is a lazy person sorry um not aloud to cuss yet
If all these books from the FNAF series became movies, I would watch them in theaters.
When people say they won't do anything stupid... sorry, when they PROMISE that.... they are going to break that promise :/
allalalalaa allalalalaa Jan 30
Why don't he just research about Goldie. I'm sure he'll find something!
NyanCatLover12334 NyanCatLover12334 Dec 28, 2015
Like you did in the last book when you whispered and Bonnie caught you.