Obsidian (Harry Potter Fan Fiction, Sequel to the Lazuli Trilogy)

Obsidian (Harry Potter Fan Fiction, Sequel to the Lazuli Trilogy)

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BarneysCrew By BarneysCrew Updated Jan 19, 2016

Everybody knows about Draco and Juliet Malfoy; how they came back from the dead to defeat the Dark Lord and overcame all of the evil and obstacles that he threw in their way. They're practically famous; nowadays with Draco being the Headmaster of Hogwarts and Juliet teaching potions after giving up her magic to save the boy she loved.

We all know their story.

But we don't know their kids...

In the year when Minister of Magic Cedric Diggory decides to reinstate the Triwizard Tournament, Scorpius, Tobias and Cecelia Malfoy all have their own battles to contend with, along with their cousin Orion Black, who's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he's remembered. 

Follow the Malfoy children and Orion on their journey to find love, fame or even who they truly are, in this sequel to the Lazuli Trilogy.

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AroPuffle223 AroPuffle223 Oct 17, 2016
This series is awesome! Except the last book made me cry so much (even though I finished it about a minute ago) but this is an amazing series!
youtuberfanz youtuberfanz Jan 14, 2016
lilso_9234 lilso_9234 Dec 07, 2015
The Lazuli trilogy is amazing. I couldn't put the books down! This book should be just as good
Samiaaa_x Samiaaa_x Dec 01, 2015
Any one out there. If you like this book then read a book called Potter which is just as amazing as this. 
                              And longer...
Hatterlol Hatterlol Nov 29, 2015
I finished ur series in 2 days, reading for hours and hours :) it's too addictive
TheLittlePinkMew TheLittlePinkMew Jun 17, 2015
Ur books are nice and long. somehow I managed to finish 2 in 1 day...