The Italian Adonis

The Italian Adonis

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Keyla Gonzalez By BumofLouis95 Completed

It has been about 2 years since the last time I saw him. 2 years since he asked for a divorce. 2 years since I left the mansion with only my broken heart, tears, and a bundle of joy that I love to death. This is my story. The story is called The Italian Adonis

Boos of The Italian Adonis Series

Book 1 The Italian Adonis 
Book 2 My Italian Savior Coming Soon

  • affair
  • billionaire
  • divorce
  • hate
  • love
  • pregnancy
  • regret
  • rejection
Internetfaerie Internetfaerie Jul 16, 2017
What do you mean you don't BELIEVE in homosexuality? It's not a mysterious myth like big foot...
cuteparry cuteparry Sep 28, 2017
Dymn why is it that all the hotass guys are either way older than me or younger than me?!?!?😭😭😭😭life is a lil too unfair!
Antonette_Liebermann Antonette_Liebermann Apr 27, 2017
Omg is that Cristobal from Made in Manhatten ✨😍😍😍
The_Wallflower93 The_Wallflower93 Apr 04, 2017
Good decision, coz Taegen sounds like a japanese name, and Nikoli is an italian name. Just saying
cracked-queen cracked-queen Jul 17, 2017
Hey i just wanted to get rid of my confusion so from what i read, are conrad and Camden siblings who have an estranged brother and a famiky member who has passed away and are candace and Nicolai related? Im so confused or i dont know how to read.
Antonette_Liebermann Antonette_Liebermann Apr 27, 2017
Omg Autoro (whatever the spelling)  from Passion for Revenge