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Buy My Love

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Kathryn By GemmaKathryn Completed

Liam and Klarissa. Two complete opposites. Liam is sweet, down to Earth, and has worked hard for everything he has now. He's mature, and knows how the real world works. Klarissa has never worked a day in her life and has everything one could ever want. Everything except someone to share it with. 

But when Liam makes a crucial mistake, costing his band 1.5 Billion dollars, bankrupting them, he feels its his job to make it right. The two meet by complete accident. Liam had been applying for a castodian job at Klarissa's father's office, to earn extra money to right his wrong. Klarissa was leaving her father's office. Acording to her father, she needed to get married to "curb her wild side", and settle down to get ready to take over Kelly Corp. Her father has, in his opinion, the perfect guy picked out for her. A graduate from Yale University, graduating with Honors at the top of his class. The only problem? He lacks the face of someone Klarissa wants to be photographed with for the rest of her life. 

As she's leaving her father's office, she sees HIM. That Liam boy that's all over the news with some up and comming boyband, for apparently losing 1.5 billion dollars on one drunken night in a casino in Vegas. He is sitting with the other men applying for the custodian jobs, so Klarissa does the first thing that comes to her mind. she walks up to him, and says. "Marry me."

With those two simple words, neither of their lives will ever be the same again.
A story of testing boundaries, love, and betrayal.

If you want a cheesy fanfic full of continuity , grammar, and spelling errors keep reading!

UPDATE 11/16: Sorry. I wrote this when I was like 14. Leaving it up for the laughs and memories.

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