Summer Lights

Summer Lights

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Two years after her mother passed away from breast cancer, Shayla finally decides to sell the beach house that she spent many summers at while growing up.

Going back to Wilmington, North Carolina wasn’t supposed to be complicated, but after eighteen years, she realizes that the house is alive with forgotten feelings from a much simpler time.

While packing up her old room Shayla stumbles upon a diary left by an innocent seventeen-year-old girl on the cusp of adulthood who wrote down every thought and every feeling from that faithful summer.

It was the summer when she experienced her first sweet love—and her first very real and very painful heartbreak.

Now Shayla finds herself surrounded by memories she’d rather leave behind, but now that she’s holding them in her hand, she just can’t seem to let them go.

“Southern Lights” is a story about the power of first love, and proof that over time, absence truly can make the heart grow fonder.

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