All That Matters • JB • 3

All That Matters • JB • 3

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[Sequel to Fill Me In.]
[Third book in the keep cool series.]

Seven years have passed since the birth of the twins and Mia and Justin are stronger than ever. 

But their marriage will be put to the test when Justin's old habits spark up again.  Or so Mia thinks. Will she be able to stick around to help? Or will she take her and the twins away for good. 

But things are not always as they seem. Mia and the twins are all that matters to Justin, what will happen when that's put at risk?

[Will contain bad language, sexual scenes and drug references. Read at your own risk]
[Must follow to read private scenes.]

ashleymac01 ashleymac01 Mar 25
Aren't they a little too old to just be starting school. Don't kids usually start school around the age of four or five??
kysizzler kysizzler May 14
My cousin is 8 she stopped sucking her thumb last year and now she has bucked teeth
TF how this boi keep growing aren't boys supposed to stop growing at like 19/20
Are they ever going to use the bunny costume and realize Justin's fantasy?????
ashleymac01 ashleymac01 Mar 25
How Jeremy looks is how j will look in a couple of years. They're twins.
Can they fight or something
                              This is too good to be true, even for a fanfic