King of Quarantine

King of Quarantine

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Mon D Rea By phenomenalpen Completed

This story was inspired by the events surrounding COVID-19. 


On alternate-history Earth, society is divided into two groups. 

The Synths a.k.a. the "Angels": lifelike androids with human consciousness; beautiful, rational and benevolent. 

The Skins: ordinary humans who, either by choice or by necessity, don't have artificial bodies.  

In this different yet all too familiar world, human connection is rapidly diminishing. The invasion of a mysterious new virus will change everything and everyone.  


Archer "Archie" Anteros Cortez is a Synth living a comfortable, albeit boring, life in a condominium tower. Normally devoid of emotion, he tries his hand at keeping an analog journal. With every entry he pens, recording current events, his fling with a Synth debugger, and his interactions with a young Skin girl who seeks sanctuary in his condo unit, he finds his consciousness widening.  

Archie's perfect little world and the entire world beyond it are about to be turned upside-down. A virulent, highly communicable virus called the Novel Choreavirus has risen from its icy grave in the permafrost. On Skins, it causes psychosis and a violent death. On Synths, the effects are rarer but also documented: irrational behavior linked to the vestigial emotion of eros. 

To contain the pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing are imposed in countries around the world. In the Philippines, the Greater Intramuros Area reactivates the flood walls, effectively locking out most of the Skins.