I Married the Asshole! (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

I Married the Asshole! (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

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♫♥♫♥♫♥♫ By yaoiChibi Completed

Zion was what you called a cynic. He considered himself as the type to favor circumstances over love, logic over fate, conditions over promises, and negotiations over marriages. The man also believed that his Boss - Ashton Robrinso, older brother of the Blood Phoenix's current leader - would, if given a chance, think in an even more derogatory way concerning such useless matters of the heart.

However, after the whole incident with Chelsea and her gang, Zion finds himself at a loss. Pregnant and vulnerable, he has nowhere else to turn to but the man that he had served most his life - who, by the way, is also the father of his child. Circumstances change, love blooms, and conditions turn blurry.

To make matters worse, old enemies with new threats rise from the horizon. With all this on his plate, Zion starts thinking this is divine retribution for all his sins.

The highway to hell is indeed a long and winding road.

  • action
  • babies
  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • death
  • drama
  • family
  • forcedmarriage
  • gaylove
  • guns
  • mafia
  • manxman
  • mpreg
  • slash
  • suspense
  • torture
KiRenGirl KiRenGirl Apr 11, 2017
Imma cut your dick off and shove it down yiu r throat.....this probably sounds like him
Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Aug 03, 2017
But its easier to go down then to go up the stairs to heaven! Booyah!
EtoileCyber2 EtoileCyber2 Nov 17, 2017
I don't understand how a man is going to get pregnant when he doesn't even have a uterus to begin with.
i'm surprised this has more views than the first book. *eats dinner*
he's a rainbow that offers threats & promises with blood & gore. can't not love him.
xslightlyxtwisted xslightlyxtwisted Oct 23, 2017
I'm in love now. You are mine. You and your wicked awesomeness