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If James and Lily Lived

If James and Lily Lived

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Padfoot By ImBeingSirius90 Completed

Let's give this another try. I am unimpressed with my other stories like this, so I will start over.

LiroDeSol LiroDeSol Jan 07
Just had a near death experience but who cares, 'I'm here Prongslet...'
vipkamilia vipkamilia Feb 08, 2016
He mastered all 4 elements. Now he can bring balance to the world
peachy919 peachy919 Jun 05, 2016
Everything at Hogwarts was good.... Until the fire nation attacked.
MysticMayHeam MysticMayHeam Jul 04, 2016
Well Harry did get hotter and hotter in the movies...then the deathly hallows happened...
bookster_forlife bookster_forlife Jul 11, 2016
Although I know its a typo but omg bro, that sounds so funny. 😂
MysticMayHeam MysticMayHeam Jul 04, 2016
I didn't know Harry had a son, I also didn't know that Harry was a girl