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good old days | byakuya togami

good old days | byakuya togami

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-aya By aseuteuro Completed

❝ Let's go back to the good old days ❞

十神 白夜

I_Dream_Fanfics I_Dream_Fanfics Aug 15, 2016
Umm... Sensei... I'm not feeling well... Can I go to the nurses office... And never come back
Jotsa_Kawaii Jotsa_Kawaii Oct 29, 2016
What if I am already wearing mine ? Double glasses? 
                              ( i am sry It is late and I am supossed to be sleeping but instead I am reading xreader fanfictions and wondering how would I look with double glasses )
taviisadork- taviisadork- Sep 04, 2016
au where every thing is the same but togami fits this description
So Zetsu ??? Because if I imagine Monokuma as a human DAYUM he's hot😂😂😭👏🏻
mxkoti mxkoti Oct 23, 2016
could i go to the nurse
                              i think i broke my arm and then broke my skull and then threw up 5 times so yeah
Kelly_McCool Kelly_McCool Oct 21, 2016
...but when I picture Monokuma as a human only the beta version of Monokuma comes to mind and I'd rather not picture that...