The Princess and The Farmer boy (Jelena)

The Princess and The Farmer boy (Jelena)

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Harlequin By Dreamer4evah Updated Feb 03, 2016

 Once upon a time there were a couple that loved each other deeply. Their marriage was arranged by their parents. But, they were indeed made for each other. 

The boy was the Price of Netherlands and the girl the Princess of France. 

The marriage between the two heirs was really good for both countries. 

And after they became King and Queen was born a baby girl. The Princess Selena Marie Enhingson. Unfortunately, the Queen had a complication during the Princess' birth and now she can't have more children. 

But, they are fine with this. They are more than happy with their little girl.

The year is 2014 so a girl being the only heir of a throne isn't as bad as it was many years ago. 

The only problem is that Selena grew up having everything. She became spoiled, selfish and some may say she is despicable.

Some may whisper 'cause if the Princess hears it they would be in great trouble. 

The King and the Queen are good people but they made some mistakes while raising the girl. They ne...