Confusion and Decisions~ Draco and Hermione Secret Love Story

Confusion and Decisions~ Draco and Hermione Secret Love Story

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~J.K Rowling owns all rights to these characters~

Hermione's POV

"Hermione Jean Granger! Are you ready yet?" My Mother shouted up at me.

"Yes, I'm just coming now!" I said, levitating my suitcase down the stairs.

"Are you sure you are allowed use magic outside of school?" My Mother asked

"Yes Mum, I am 18 now!!" I said, rolling my eyes. She is still terrified that the Ministry was going to come knocking on our door. I still find it funny to see the look on her face when she see's me using magic.

"OK. But if I have any member of that Ministry for Magic knocking on my door, you are in serious trouble! Do you hear me?" She said in a stern voice.

"Yes Mum!" I said with a cough, trying to suppress a giggle. It worked.

*knock knock*

"I'll get that, you get the rest of your things ready. I don't want you missing the train!" My Mother said, walking toward the front door. I went back up to my room to get my wand.

"HERMIONE GRANGER. Get down here now!" She screamed.

Oh no! What had I ...

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And when does he take Muggle Studies, especially after the death of the last one right in front of him
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It's a great story but I feel like you used said a lot and it could've been replaced more often.