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SPOOK (Get Spooky #1)

SPOOK (Get Spooky #1)

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Gigi | Jinx By jeepersgigi Completed

SPOOK is now available on both Amazon and Createspace! Details in my bio :)
  Here's what's up: when you die, you get options. Some can choose Heaven, some Hell, and everyone has the option of staying out in the Real World and haunting their old stomping grounds or starting anew in Spook City - a town located on no map that I know of, filled to the brim with monsters of all sorts, all of which live normal everyday lives.
  Thing is, I didn't get to make a choice. I just wound up here in Spook and I have no idea why - the only thing special about me is that I can kind of sort of definitely read minds, but that's not something I go bragging about.
  But doggone it, I don't have time to worry about my sudden appearance in this creature feature because some witch decided to cast a curse over Spook. And for some odd reason that I couldn't tell ya for the afterlife of me, I've taken it upon myself to fix this mess. A task I'm completely and totally unprepared for, considering that I lived an embarrassingly uneventful life in my double-wide in Cromwell, Indiana. But hey, trying new things!
  I've got help though - Chance L. Ford, the overworked cowboy, Harper Davenport, the ex-mean girl werewolf, and Ace Montgomery, the self-proclaimed "friendly neighborhood demon".
  Everyone disagrees with him on the "friendly" part except me. In fact, I'd keep "friendly" and add "cute and considerate" in there as well.
  Ace says I have a spark, that I'm different, and he doesn't know of my little superpower but I get the feeling that telepathy isn't at all what he's getting at.
  Oh, boy.

GhostieChanS GhostieChanS Oct 10, 2016
It's a must read book <3
                              Can't wait until it arrives in my mailbox :D
Haha, Great story! I have some fantasy and horror and a bunch of other stuff.
Is it based on or something like that on "Spook's" (another names: "Wardstone Chronicles", "The Last Apprentice") by Joseph Delaney?