Imprisoned Together (KiriBakuDeku Post-Apocalyptic AU)

Imprisoned Together (KiriBakuDeku Post-Apocalyptic AU)

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•A Short Short Story•

Izuku, Eijirou, and Katsuki all fall into a deep pit of despair as the world practically ends before their eyes. Their loved ones were lost in the fray, and they were taken to a prison where thousands, upon thousands of citizens lay. They spend their days and nights trying to survive there as people around them start to lose their minds; the three of them spending more time together than they would like.

At first. Then, on one normal-seeming day, they all realize what it means to care about something once it's gone. How deep does this apocalyptic prison they "live in," really go?

Wow, looks like I'm starting a new book; and a short story at that~ I hope you all enjoy, for it won't last long ;)

All characters and pieces of art used in this book do not belong to me. I only own the plot, people!


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