The Beast's Beauty

The Beast's Beauty

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Ashly&Ashley By PrinceNem Updated Aug 03, 2015

Elijah Lucas Delmier, better known as Eli, is a 21 year old stripper and the best one within a hundred miles. He has both men and women begging for just one night with him. With his small frame, creamy pale skin, tousled blonde hair and shining emerald eyes he is the epitome of beauty. 

Lennox Kane, known as Knox to his family and friends, is the 23 year old Alpha of the Rose Petal Pack. He's a southern cowboy with an attitude that can make even Satan himself cry. It seems the southern hospitality gene flew straight over his head when he was born. He's a beast standing at 6’7 with muscles that make mountains look like ant hills.

What happens when the beast of an Alpha finds his beauty in the last place he thought to look?

Full description in the book :D

xMegx_2015 xMegx_2015 Aug 07
The book sounds so good and I haven't even read chapter one yet
why not? kidnapping a sexy stripper is always the way to go lol
I promised myself I was going to sleep tonight but now I don't think I will lol!
shedddy shedddy Feb 16, 2015
Omg omg omg omg. I LIVE for princekenzie's books. Read all at least twice. I'm soooio excited
Recombinant-06 Recombinant-06 Feb 02, 2015
Duh, what else would he have done. Wait until Eli is done with his job for the night and explain that he's his Mate, pssh that would be ridiculous.
AlishaAye AlishaAye Jan 23, 2015
I just want to say at first I thought this was going to be another knock off story and have the exact plot and characteristics of the actual Beauty and the Beast.  but this looks fantastic! !!!!!! The description completely rudeness it around for me. Excited to read! ^_^