I May be as Pretty as an Angel [Peter Quill] But I Sure as Hell Ain't One

I May be as Pretty as an Angel [Peter Quill] But I Sure as Hell Ain't One

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Sabrina By UnderMySkin Completed

Ren Wicker was taken from her home planet, Earth, at the age of twenty. As a former student of astronomy, the new life as a Ravager will offer her endless knowledge and adventure.

However, unanswered questions formulate in her mind, and she is determined to discover why Yondu Udonta took her from Earth. 

Peter Quill plays a large role in Ren's survival away from Earth, teaching her the ways of how to survive in space as a human. Will Ren succumb to Peter's pelvic sorcery? Or will her determination to finding answers prevent her from letting him in? (pun intended)

**All credit to characters, worlds, creatures and species go to Marvel Studios aside from Ren Wicker and various other characters of my creation**

The_FallenFifty The_FallenFifty Aug 06, 2016
Ugh......Canada.......took French (Canada) for a year. WORST. YEAR. OF. MY. LIFE.
Not-your-hero Not-your-hero May 27, 2016
And that ligit sounds like something from a Star Wars movie KYLO
-scooter- -scooter- Oct 11, 2015
Only reading this because the description had "pelvic sorcery" XD and the pun you made hope this is a good book hahahaha
archerqueen17 archerqueen17 Jun 24, 2015
Ok so why didn't you ask who was trying to murder you? Second when will Peter ask for a brief update on earth?
candyappletree candyappletree Jun 18, 2015
candyappletree candyappletree Jun 18, 2015
yay yondu i hated him in walking dead but hes awesome af in guardians