Silenced (gxg)

Silenced (gxg)

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Approx. 37 lizards in a flannel By kristanne7 Updated Mar 04

(Even though this story is not completed, I'm still going back and  revising it. Edited chapters will have a * after the title, added in between chapters will have a ~, and new chapter will not have extras. Thank you for understanding! Enjoy!)

×Will most likely contain sex scenes, violence, and definitely cursing×

Sophia was in the closet. And I mean, DEEP in the closet. No one knew except for her journal but, who's gonna look at that right? Turns out, the whole school will. After being shoved from the closet, Sophia is bullied into such a state from people at her school and her homophobic parents she turns mute. Although, no matter how hard they try, she can't be silenced forever.

  • closet
  • depression
  • girlxgirl
  • gxg
  • lesbian
I love the distance formula HOW DARE YOU (jk this is really good((but I do actually love math)))
zarrianyrie zarrianyrie Aug 07, 2017
Be careful might be saying that out loud too 😭😭 man don't you hate when you be thinking something and you don't know if you said it out loud or not 😭😭🤕
Wattmem Wattmem Jul 07, 2017
I like her already. I mean love. Not like. I love her already,
Couple weeks and grades slipping?! Slipping!?!?! I missed one assignment and I had an F! 
                              *friend* it was a semester test and you had a C minus in the class 
                              Me: . . . The system is broken I have been spotted
I have definitely been here before but I have no commentary- I am confused
I don't accidentally talk out loud but sometimes I voice my thoughts cause I confused myself and my friends add commentary